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Albany, NY – 2010

Albany, NY – 2010

Washington Park and Center Square

Join urban design professor and published social historian, John Pipkin, for an animated walking tour of two of Albany’s greatest assets, Washington Park and the Center Square neighborhood. Learn about the history of this part of Albany, while taking in the Olmsted-inspired park, and spectacular architecture, all while discussing Jane Jacobs’ philosophies.

RSVP’s encouraged, but not required.  Contact Jacqueline Burton at Historic Albany Foundation.

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Dates: Sunday May 2, 2010

Begins: Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument in Washington Park (where Henry Johnson Blvd enters the park)

Ends: Washington Park, with the option to continue over to St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

Host: John Pipkin

Host Organization: Historic Albany Foundation

Contact info: Jacqueline at HAF,  jburton@historic-albany.org

Map: coming soon

This event IS accessible and welcoming to wheelchairs, bicycles, children & seniors.

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